What properties are needed in 75 ohm coaxial cable raw materials?
There should be a variety of properties born by the raw material of 75 ohm coaxial cable. The raw materials should be chemically stable to prevent the accidental occurrence of chemical reactions with other substances. There come to be no impurities found in the raw materials to damage the final quality of the finished products. After all, we know that high purity can guarantee the hardness and other characteristics are extensively improved. In addition, the raw material should be guaranteed to be of long-term usability to effectively showcase their performance.
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As a reliable partner in making high-quality lan cable, Hangzhou SanYuan Cable Co., Ltd. takes pride in having unparalleled industry knowledge and experience. SanYuan's fire alarm cable series include multiple types. The design of SanYuan low loss 50 ohm coax cable mainly follows 3 principles. They are respectively the Principle of Theme, the Principle of Humanization and the Principle of Science. SanYuan's factory has advanced production management experience and sound quality control system.
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We bear social responsibility. We are involved in various projects. There are short-term and long-term plans, including corporate social responsibility and environmental protection such as Relief Fund to Natural Disaster and Waste Reduction & Recycling.

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