VGA Extension Cables

by:SanYuan     2020-06-15
A VGA extension cable is the one liable for the transmission of video signals from personal computers or laptops to monitors or projectors. These extension cables are commonly called video extension cables it's important to note perhaps specifically designed for connecting computer to monitor. This sort of cables, it is easy for a computer to be separated from its monitor at a greater extended distance. Quite surprisingly, you can even place display up to a hundred feet away. You should utilize a VGA video splitter cable for covering distances in a hundred feet. This is because it can be rather expensive to use VGA cables. Using a VGA extension cable will also ensure that you get to see an excellent quality of picture with the resolution of 1600 x 1000. VGA video connectors can be found across all types of computing platforms including Mac and PC making these associated with cables highly adaptable. The excellent video quality it provides is as a consequence of its coaxial cable structure and ferrite cores. Mylar foil and copper braiding protects the connectors and also improves data transmission. There are also some cables with gold plated connectors you come across. These pins are used to suppress the noise, while the triple coating feature guarantees that there will be no loss of data. VGA extension cables have got UL tested and certified offer you with a peace of mind in regards to to quality. You will find these cables in lengths between 3 feet and 100 feet. Commonly you will find male to male VGA extension cables, but also you can find female to man or woman cables. You will observe that they have 15 pins, which are spread in 3 rows with each row having 5 pinastre. These type of connectors are found on a number of video output devices such as flat screen televisions, screen projectors and computer monitors. The main purpose of these cables is actually carry the analog part of the video signals. The fast development of technology has led to the popularity of DVI cables over these VGA cables that. There are still, however, a number of old version graphics cards that still has the 15 pins to get the video graphics controller linked to the monitor through a VGA cable. Compared to digital cables, VGA cables hard cheaper.
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