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The cost pressure on many companies is extremely high over past years. Firstly, there are the high costs incurred through raw material and energy prices and, secondly, the pressure from global competition and price-sensitive consumers.With this challenge, our company put investment to add a new production line of CCS wire in Dec., 2020. At present, Most of CCS wires in cables made by the manufacturers are Copper Plated Steel, the electroplating process is a chemical method, and copper sulfate liquid needs to be discharged which will pollute the environment. By considering friendly to environment and ensure the stable quality, we adopted the cladding process instead of copper plating one to make real cooper clad steel wire.

Comparing with traditional copper plated steel conductor, the copper clad steel one has following advantages:

1.Copper and steel are physically combined by extrusion, the thickness of the copper layer is uniform, and the combination of copper and steel is closer, ensuring the stability of conductor performance.

2.The surface brightness of the conductor is better, bright surface provides better performance to the conductor.

3.It does not pollute the environment.

4.The quality of CCS conductor meets SCTE standards

The designed capacity of this production line is 400 tons per month, actual monthly output reaches 200 tons by now. We are continually forced to adapt to fluctuating material costs due to supply and demand. We understand the importance of optimizing the use of materials and minimizing waste.Our extensive investments in new product lines which could provide a formula to make our business partners to increase overall revenue by good pricing and quality, grow their business, and position them for the future with competitive advantage.

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