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Brief introduction of OPGW cable

Brief introduction of OPGW cable


OPGW cable, Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire (also known as fiber composite overhead ground wire). The optical fiber is placed in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line to form a fiber-optic communication network on the transmission line. This structure has the dual functions of ground and communication, and is generally called OPGW cable. Because the fiber has anti-electromagnetic interference and light weight, it can be installed on the top of the transmission line tower without considering the optimal mounting position and electromagnetic corrosion.
Therefore, the OPGW has remarkable characteristics such as high reliability, superior mechanical performance, and low cost. This technique is particularly suitable and economical when laying or replacing existing ground lines. OPPC (Optical Phase Conductor, OPPC for short) is a new type of special optical cable for power communication system. It is an optical cable that combines optical fiber units in wires in a traditional phase-line structure. It is a full use of the power system's own line resources, especially power. The distribution network system avoids the contradiction between the frequency resources, the route coordination, the electromagnetic compatibility and the like, and has the dual functions of transmitting power and communication. Due to the unique structure of the fiber bundle tube in the wire, the OPPC must be pre-twisted with a wire to protect the fiber. The use of pre-twisted wire fittings has three advantages: First, the construction is simple and quick, and it is not necessary to pull on the heavy compressor, crimping pliers, etc., and the labor efficiency is improved, and the manual labor is reduced; instead, the pre-twisted wire fittings are good conductors. The conductive performance is good and the energy saving effect is remarkable. The third is that the pre-twisted wire fittings are installed on the line and the wire contact surface is enlarged, the length is increased, the force is uniform, the wire fatigue is reduced, the wire life is prolonged, and the earthquake resistance is improved.


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