Two Basic Method for Solving Problems on DM500S

by:SanYuan     2020-06-16
There are two basic methods which can to be able to deal with the glitch on DM500S.The first method can be used fully understand the problem. It could be the exclusive method. The exclusive method can be routine to judge which unit on the electric equipment has glitch since you can operate and requires less time than other methods. It functions better if you find more objects in a system, whether they are Dreambox, 4 way DiSEqC switch, coaxial cable or Telly. The Second method could be the backup recovery. To make sure whether the problem of the electric equipment is result from the error of software, using the healthy backup to recovery the object is a good progression. If the equipment works well under the healthy backup for it, the problem may happen on your plug - in or operating system. If the hardware still can't work, it must have something abnormal on its circuit board. Here we utilize these to method to fix some problem of DM500S. DM500S doesn't support usual way DiSEqC switch thoroughly. This is originally because the 4 way DiSEqC can't raise enough voltage to the whole channel. Do not may result of the following reasons: the quality of the 4 way DiSEqC switch, the calibre of the 22 KHz switch attached into the 4 way DiSEqC switch, the difference between different varieties of LNB, there is not enough power for LNB output by DM500, error of computer system or problems in users' usage. You have to solve the issue by exclude the glitches listed described. If it is result from the quality of 4 way DiSEqC switch, we can replace is to use a better one or move it indoor (some 4 way DiSEqC switches are responsive to temperature and can't work under cold environment). The fix the second situation, came across get a far better 22 KHz switch to switch the former one. If you is wrong with capability supply circuit of DM500, we can replace the ability on the circuit for larger on or use the more powerful AC adaptor. Actually, this problem often happens once the SERVICE and SATELLITES file are accident. Unable to turn down DM500S. The phenomenon of dilemma is how the red light which indicates the machine is in the off status is on but serious still audio and video output. You can use the second method to fix this problem since physician happens when the decoding application is error.
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