Frequency Counter DIY Kit From 1Hz to 50MHz

by:SanYuan     2020-06-26
DIY Frequency Counter USB Module. The electronic circuit and pic processor hex file in this project came originally from Russian developer in free posted internet project. Frequency Counter technical specification: We designed our special PCB - high quality double layer board, with green soldermask, silkscreen and HASL. The PCB design allow you easy LCD expertise in 16 Pin Female Connector. You can disconnect the LCD board any time if you be compelled to repair or desolder some kit devices. It make the kit very comfortable for soldering even for the beginners. The DIY Module have compact size and can be installed to front panel of your housing. Our Frequency Counter Module do n't have calibration. Accuracy of your measurement is about 1% and we suppose is enough for small hobby homelab. But If you have a precision frequency generator perfect calibrate it. The PCB board have reserved place for installing 30pF variable capacitor. It will allow you to trim the module for approximately 1% precision. 30pF variable capacitor isn't included in the package, just keep it in mind similar to an extra option for you. Package include: For testing the device you make use of PC software or hardware frequency traffic generator. We suppose to use BNC Female Panel Jack and hook it up with short coaxial cable to Module PCB. It will allow that use a typical oscilloscope probe for measurements.
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