ESPOW Cell Phone Booster

by:SanYuan     2020-06-27
This is a brand new 800MHz (in some countries, people also call it 850MHz) cell phone signal booster kit, which can work in USA, and all your other 800MHz network in the globe. 2000 square meters coverage site. Powerful enough to work for several indoor ceiling antennas. ESPOW Electronics has just released a new version of the ESPOW smartphone repeater. The new ESPOW amplifier takes after its two big brothers, the ESPOW and sports two new control knobs for adjusting the gain for both the 800MHz and 1900Mhz frequencies. This is quiet improvement and will profit the new DB Pro amplifier to be more easily setup in tight places. The new ESPOW amplifier has been put in the ESPOW. These two kits are designed to be cost effective systems enhance and improve cell phone signals in small homes and buildings with a couple rooms. Both these kits are available at subsequent locations. Installation and Working: Espow device signal boosteris a n option. cell phone repeater,cell phone signal booster,cell phone booster
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