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SanYuan cable coaxial 75 ohm factory for satellite

SanYuan cable coaxial 75 ohm factory for satellite
  • SanYuan cable coaxial 75 ohm factory for satellite
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SanYuan cable coaxial 75 ohm factory for satellite

cable coaxial 75 ohm is thought to be highly marketable due to its rg6 .
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cable coaxial 75 ohm description
cable coaxial 75 ohm has the advantage of rg6 as compared with other similar products.
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cable coaxial 75 ohm SPECIFICATIONS
Center Conductor Material:Copper-clad steel
Dielectric Material:Foam PE
Inner Shield (Braid) Material:Aluminum
Inner Shield (Tape) Material:Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum(APA) bonded
Jacket Material:PVC
Inner Shield (Braid) Coverage:77%
Outer Shield (Tape) Material:Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum(APA) bonded
Inner Shield (Braid) Gauge:34AWG
Messenger Wire Material:Zinc-coated steel
cable coaxial 75 ohm It is made of green environmental protection materials, with strong adhesion and permeability, which can protect and decorate building walls well.
cable coaxial 75 ohm It has passed the strict quality inspection of the national authority and is a high-quality product that meets the national quality standards. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic and harmless, and can be used with peace of mind.
cable coaxial 75 ohm The color is full and bright, with a strong sense of layering. It will form a high-strength, high-durability film layer when applied on the base surface of the building, making the wall surface resistant to washing and lasting clean and bright.
rg6 Excellent material selection, stable performance, high quality, wide range of applications, applicable to a variety of substrates, simple and convenient construction.
[企业简称] Insist on selecting high-quality raw materials and adopt advanced manufacturing technology to produce rg6. The produced rg6 has good water resistance and anti-lift performance, high quality and long service life.
Based on the use of automated mechanical production equipment, our production efficiency has been greatly improved, and we can produce a large number of high-quality rg6 in a timely manner. In addition, we have also established a strict cost control system, and insist on strictly controlling the production cost of each link , prompting the production of rg6 to be highly cost-effective.
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