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cheap 75 ohm cable factory for HDTV antennas

cheap 75 ohm cable factory for HDTV antennas
  • cheap 75 ohm cable factory for HDTV antennas
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cheap 75 ohm cable factory for HDTV antennas

75 ohm cable has the characters of dual rg6 coaxial cable , and can be utilized in rg6 .
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75 ohm cable description
dual rg6 coaxial cable is widely used in 75 ohm cable field because of its fine properties.
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Center Conductor Material:Copper-clad steel
Dielectric Material:Foam PE
Inner Shield (Braid) Material:Aluminum
Inner Shield (Tape) Material:Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum (APA) bonded
Jacket Material:PVC
Inner Shield (Braid) Coverage:60%
Outer Shield (Braid) Coverage:40%
Outer Shield (Braid) Gauge:34 AWG
Outer Shield (Braid) Material:Aluminum
Outer Shield (Tape) Material:Aluminum/Polymer/Aluminum (APA)
Inner Shield (Braid) Gauge:34 AWG
dual rg6 coaxial cable The design is simple, the shape is beautiful, the workmanship is fine, the quality is high, the bottle body is thick and strong, the quality is high, and it is durable.
dual rg6 coaxial cable Strong toughness, good ductility, not easy to be punctured and damaged, light and thin texture, safe and reliable quality, it is a trustworthy shrink film product.
rg6 Excellent selection of materials, fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, high quality, there are a variety of specifications and colors to choose from, customers can choose freely according to their own needs.
75 ohm cableUsing high-quality kaolin as raw material, it is manufactured through many complicated processes. The porcelain is compact and the glaze is bright, which is both beautiful and practical.
dual rg6 coaxial cable Exquisite selection of materials, thick materials, fine workmanship, high quality, strong practicability, wide range of applications, can be used in gardens, warehouses, squares, gymnasiums, playgrounds, factories and other public places.
The product features enough safety. Its mechanical parts are well encapsulated to guarantee no parts will toss out during operation.
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